Are You Unable to Work? Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in San Leandro


People with a long-term mental or physical disability can apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Even those who have not been able to work in over a year do not automatically qualify for these benefits. They must fill out a complicated and often confusing application. Most of the people who attempt to do this without the help of a lawyer have their applications denied. They then have to scramble to find a lawyer to help them win their appeal. The fastest route to a successful application is to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer in San Leandro at the beginning of the application process.

The lawyer knows the complex rules that the Social Security reviewers use to assess an application. Disabled people don’t realize that there is a book, known as the Blue Book, which lists many of the diseases, injuries, and conditions that prevent people from working. It also lists symptoms that people must have to be considered disabled by each of them. If a person forgets to list even one of the symptoms, their application will be denied.

A Social Security Disability lawyer in San Leandro also knows that the book hasn’t been updated recently. Therefore, it doesn’t contain some of the newer conditions that disable people, such as Fibromyalgia. In that case, the lawyer will have to demonstrate that the person has a condition that is medically equivalent to a similar condition that is listed in the book.

It’s not enough to be sick or injured. Some people can work despite not feeling well. In order to receive disability benefits, the person has to show that they are no longer able to work. Therefore, the application requires them to list their job duties in detail. They have to include whether they are required to sit, stand, walk, or drive. They also have to list any machines that they are required to use. A cashier with a bad lower back has to document that she can no longer stand for her shift. If her employer agreed to let her sit on a stool, she has to show that that doesn’t help.

If a person would like help with their application, they can contact Patrick J Kelly Law Office, one of the law firms in the area that takes these types of cases.