What is a truck driving school?


A truck driving school is an institution that provides the necessary training and education that is necessary to pursue the trade of truck driver; not any truck but tractor trailers which are also affectionately known as “big rigs” or eighteen-wheelers. There is far more to driving one of these huge trucks than meets the eye, it is more than simply driving. There are many rules associated with the trade; students are taught how many hours they can work, how many hours they must take off to rest, the maximum load weight and how the low is to be distributed over the bed of the trailer. There are many important issues and it is at a truck driving school that the student learns them all.

Before anyone can get behind the wheel of a tractor trailer they must first of all obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL). Obtaining a basic drivers license is quite simple compared to getting a CDL and even when the license is obtained, there are further endorsements needed for certain driving jobs such as driving hazardous materials. A good truck driving school helps to prepare the student to successfully sit the exam for a commercial driving license as well as prepare the student for the various endorsements that are necessary. The student learns how to operate a big-rig as well as learning all the rules of the road as they concern trucks and trucking.

A truck driver maintains a logbook, this document is very important and the truck driving school teaches drivers how to document their activities such as hours driven, hours rested and miles driven. If the logbook is found to be in error the driver may be cited or at worst, shut down until the rest hours are caught up. Infractions of a driver’s logbook can carry heavy fines.

Truck driving school includes plenty of behind the wheel training of course but an equal amount of classroom training. Some schools are associated with trucking companies and they are helpful in recruiting drivers for these patrons.

Smith & Solomon is a largest commercial driver training schools in the United States. It is an ideal place to go to learn how to operate a large truck. They provide ample in-class education and behind the wheel training with an experienced driver who acts as the trainer.