TRT: What You Need to Know


Chances are you have heard of testosterone and you know it is a crucial part of a man’s reproductive health. However, do you know what else it is responsible for? Testosterone is responsible for the proper development of the characteristics of males. It is also crucial to help and maintain muscle bulk, bone growth, sexual function, well-being and red blood cell level. In many cases, anyone suffering from low testosterone will benefit from Trt Therapy in Hollywood Ca.

When a man has an insufficient level of testosterone it may eventually result in erectile dysfunction; however, there are a number of symptoms that can occur before this. With Trt Therapy in Hollywood Ca, these issues can be reduced, and in many cases eliminated altogether.

Main Causes of Low Testosterone

As men age, the total amount of testosterone in their body will begin to reduce gradually. This is a decline that begins at the age of 30 and that will continue through the remainder of the man’s life. Some of the most common causes of low testosterone and why you may need Trt Therapy at MetroMD in Los Angeles, includes the following:

•  Loss, infection or injury of your testicles.
•  Radiation or chemotherapy treatment for any type of cancer.
•  Abnormalities in genetics.
•  Chronic illnesses.
•  Medications and over the counter hormones.

When a man does not have an adequate level of testosterone, they may wind up losing their sex drive, feel depressed, not be able to concentrate, suffer from erectile dysfunction, have a lower sense of well-being and suffer from reduced amounts of energy.

When low testosterone continues for an extended period of time with no treatment, there are a number of physical changes that may occur. Some of these include the following:

•  An increase in overall body fat and a reduction of muscle mass.
•  Cholesterol level changes.
•  Reductions in a person’s hemoglobin and the possibility of developing anemia.
•  Bones that become fragile and that may easily break.
•  A reduction in body hair.

In order to find out if you suffer from Low T, you will need to talk with your doctor. They will be able to successfully measure the total amount of testosterone that is present in a person’s blood. This is extremely beneficial and will also help a person to learn why they may be experiencing some of the issues they have. For more information you can contact MetroMD today.