Travel Help When You Need It Most in the U.S.A. and Around the World

Flight Nurse

A certified flight registered nurse gives you peace of mind when you need it most

Few things seem more overwhelming than arranging for air travel when you are seriously ill. How will you get to and from the plane? Who will take care of you if you have to be attached to an IV or monitor while you travel? Right now you might find the idea far-fetched, but anyone can have an accident or serious illness when they are many miles from home.

Save Money, But Don’t Compromise on Quality

Air ambulances may be necessary in some critical cases, but they are also expensive. You can often save money and still have superior care by flying commercial with a qualified medical escort.

Just like any other RN, your certified flight registered nurse will be able to handle IV drips, medication, injections and pain management, but she will also have special skills to make your airplane trip safer and more comfortable.

A Trip That’s Perfect From Beginning to End

Because you are unwell, your trip should be as stress-free as possible. A superior medical escort service will employ travel agents to make all land and air arrangements, taking you from your hospital bed to your own bedroom back home. They will fill out all the forms, suggest equipment that can be taken on the plane, and do everything possible to make your trip worry-free. If you or a loved one must travel with a certified flight registered nurse, contact Flying Nurses International LLC at