2 Symptoms Of Automatic Transmission Failure And Quality Parts In Omaha


Driving to meet with your friends one day, you suddenly hear and feel a grinding noise from somewhere inside your car. As you continue driving, it screeches and your car appears to be struggling. You pull over to inspect your car and find that the check engine light is now on and stays on. As you open up your car’s hood, you also notice a burning smell. Here are 2 symptoms that your automatic transmission is failing.

Burning Smell

As mentioned, a burning odor is coming from the engine. One symptom of automatic transmission failure is a burning smell that is coming from beneath the engine. This odor is typically caused by an increase in friction and corrosion. This means that your transmission may be potentially low on transmission fluid.

Grinding or Shaking

Another symptom of automatic transmission failure is the grinding or shaking you felt while you drove your car. This happens when there is not enough transmission fluid or there is too much debris in the transmission fluid, causing your gears to grind when your car changes gears. This can also cause your car’s gears to chip or crack, furthering damage to the transmission system of your car.

Where To Buy Parts

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