Trash Removal in Ithaca NY: Waste and Effects of Poor Disposal


Anything that people, institutions and industries throw away because they do not need is known as waste. Waste comes in all sizes and forms. It can either be liquid, solid or gaseous. It is every state’s desire to teach their people how to reduce and manage waste. If each and every individual would know how to manage their waste, the environment would be a safe place for all.


Waste recycling is among the most adopted methods of waste management. Recycling refers to the processing of used materials and making them into new products. Recycling does not need much processing compared to raw materials and thus saves energy. It also helps use fewer raw materials thus saving more for the future. Every individual should practice recycling by separating the recyclables from the non-recyclables once the trash is produced. Below are some of the effects of improperly disposed of trash:

Water contamination

Some companies and industries direct their waste into water sources. Whether you are acting as an industry or individual, naturally, it’s wrong to pollute water. Rubbish and waste that end up in the water not only make it unsafe for human and animal’s consumption, but it also affects the eco-system.

Soil contamination

When hazardous waste is disposed of in the soil, the plants become affected. They can either die from the contamination or absorb the hazardous waste into their system. When humans consume such plants, research has shown that their health is compromised.

No attraction

You should make the place you live in and its surrounding your little heaven. If everybody were to practice this, you would be proud of your environment and feel more comfortable with no risk of contracting diseases. Besides that, a clean state attracts more tourists and visitors, which will boost the economy.

Reduced economic state

Waste management requires combined efforts of individuals and the general community. Processes like recycling also save the state’s natural resources, therefore minimizing their waste and ensuring there is more for the future.

For a clean environment, you should be the change you want to see. For more on trash removal in Ithaca NY, visit the website.