Learn About Carpet At The Best Carpet Store In Evanston

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Shopping for carpet can be puzzling and time consuming. Frequently, consumers fail to understand the store’s sale pitch. Learn the basics about carpet before shopping. First, there are just a few types of carpet.

Loop carpet is a favorite because it works in high traffic areas. Loop carpet is made from loops that are all the same height. Carpet with level loops stands up to traffic better. Another popular home carpet is multi-level loop where some loops are cut and the others are not. This allows the maker to create different textures and patterns. Beware that it is not as durable as a regular loop carpet.

Saxony is a classic that is very soft. It has a textured look that is made by twisting bunches of heavy yarn and then softening them with heat. Saxony is made from heavy yarn and is a favorite for homeowners who want thick and warm carpet. Saxony is also a favorite in commercial buildings.

Cable is one of the most casual types of carpet. It is made of soft and thick yarn and is a favorite for people who like to sit on the floor. Sales people at the best carpet store in Evanston will be glad to show you all the different types of carpet. Companies like American Carpet Distributors gladly give free estimates to people who request for a free quote.

Additionally, new carpet owners must know how to maintain their investment. Carpet should be vacuumed regularly to keep dirt from building up in the carpet’s pile. Always have carpet professionally cleaned every twelve to eighteen months. Further, loose threads should be cut not pulled. Pulling threads could ruin the carpet. Use a hair dryer or steam iron to raise any areas dented by heavy pieces of furniture.

Use scissors to remove any pieces that get burnt during the process. Food spills should be scraped up with a spoon or dull knife. Use a little detergent on a wet cloth to clean the area. Spray stubborn stains with hydrogen peroxide and let it stand for one hour. Blot and repeat until the stain is gone.

If you have additional questions about carpet care, contact the best carpet store in Evanston.