Top Tips from Painters in Tigard


Interior home painting is not as simple as it appears, even though it should be. Most of us are familiar with applying paint on a flat surface, having learned it as children in kindergarten through finger painting. A genuinely competent interior paint job, on the other hand, is a very different story. Here are some tips to keep in mind from painters in Tigard.

Use High-Quality Paint

What is the difference between one paint offered for a price and another, seemingly equivalent, paint advertised five times the price? Builder’s grade paints, which have fewer solids than higher-quality paints, are sometimes found at rock-bottom prices. Solids aid in the creation of a nice paint finish. However, if you want a paint that will last, painters in Tigard suggest investing in a higher-quality paint.

Use Quality Rollers and Brushes

Roller coverings of poor quality put fuzz and lint on the walls. When fluff and lint become trapped in the paint, and the paint dries, you’re left with rough, difficult-to-repair walls. Brushes of poor quality leave streaky brush marks; instead, invest in high-quality brushes and take care of your expensive investment.

Some self-taught painters make the mistake of buying low-cost chip brushes. You will never see the professionals at ESP Painting use these. Interior painting should not be done using chip brushes. They’re designed to apply glues, adhesives, and solvents. It’s worth spending a little more money on excellent roller covers and brushes. Your surface will have a superior finish in the end.