Out of Gas for Your New Electric Vehicle? Get An EV Charger Installation in Boulder, CO


With the recent surge in electric vehicles, many owners are finding it difficult to get their vehicles fully charged in a reasonable time. However, the solution is simple: an EV charger installation in Boulder CO.

What Is EV Mode?

EV stands for electric vehicle and is a mode available in hybrid vehicles. When in this mode, the car can only travel at low speeds, so it’s ideal when speed isn’t an option, such as in a parking lot. Since EV mode draws power directly from the battery, you shouldn’t use it for an extended time.

What Is an EV Charger?

An EV charger uses a 240V outlet to charge the battery, or the charger can be hardwired to the electrical grid. An EV charger will work for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Does an Electric Vehicle Need an EV Charger?

There’s no way to charge an electric vehicle other than with an EV charger, whether it’s at your home or a commercial charging station. So if you have a home station, you can always leave home with a full charge.

Are There Different Types of EV Chargers?

There are three types of EV chargers:

• Level 1: Uses 120V and is the most affordable, but can take more than 20 hours for a full charge.

• Level 2: Uses 240V and charges twice as fast as level 1, but is more expensive to install.

• Level 3: The most expensive to install, can completely charge in less than 30 minutes by using DC voltage.

Installing an EV charger isn’t a DIY job, so don’t try this route even if it appeals to you.

Want an EV Charger Installed?

If you need EV charger installation in Boulder, CO or you have any other electrical needs, contact them for more information or to schedule an appointment.