Top Things Your Painting Contractors in Gig Harbor Wishes You Knew

Home Improvement

Painting your house is one of those maintenance projects that is best completed by the painting contractors in Wilmette instead of done DIY, do it yourself, style. Whether it’s the inside of your home or the exterior, it’s best to leave the painting to the pros. There are, however, a few things that your painting contractor would like you to know. Read on below for a few of those things to be revealed.

Prep isn’t an Instant Thing

It is estimated that over 30 percent of the time spent on your home by painting contractors in Gig Harbor will be done on prepping your house to paint. Remember, prepping a home to paint takes time and isn’t instant. You aren’t going to see results on a paint job until prep is completed. Also, remember, the difference in a rushed paint job and a well prepped one is the stain on your brand-new sofa and taking the time to put a drop cloth down so that it doesn’t happen. Take the well prepped paint job for sure.

Please Make Sure Your Home is Ready to Paint

While the painting contactors do a lot of prep work, it’s not their job to move your furniture around or pull the weeds away from your house so they can get to work doing the job they were hired for. Things will go a whole lot smoother and the job will be done faster, if you get your house ready to paint for the contractors so they can get in there and begin their own prep work to make your home the showpiece you want it to be.