There Are Different Types Of Substance Abuse Treatment In Birmingham AL

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There are four recognized substance abuse treatment programs; residential, outpatient, medical and counseling. Typical substance abuse treatment in Birmingham AL includes different aspects of addiction; social, behavioral, mental as well as physical. Many treatment programs have been developed to treat all aspects which have an effect on the particular patient and addiction.

Outpatient programs are very popular, these programs attract addicts that are either unable to be included in a residential program due to schooling, work or other constraints as well as addicts that are looking to beat their addiction at a lower cost. Outpatient substance abuse treatment in Birmingham AL varies in intensity, in some cases the program focuses on basic educational and informational issues while in other cases the recovering addict may be involved in intense, all-day long treatment; the approach to the most effective program is based upon the needs of the patient. In many cases, outpatient treatment includes involvement in group counseling sessions, these sessions are great, they help the recovering addict retain a feeling that he or she is accepted and included in the life of others, these sessions provide an opportunity for people to share experiences and personal aspirations they have once they are substance free.

Residential substance abuse treatment in Birmingham AL can be short term or long term. Short term treatment takes place over a period of between three and six weeks, the programs are intense. Often short term residential treatment happens in a hospital setting. Long term residential programs last for a period between six months and a year, the setting is community based. The objective of both programs is to reenter the person into society as a useful member.

Detoxification is a managed method of withdrawing from the effects of drugs, this is another way to help a person deal with and overcome an addiction. Detox is used to clear the addicts system of the narcotic and must be conducted under medical supervision; detox does not treat any of the underlying factors or problems that caused the person to abuse drugs in the first place. Once the individual is free from the effects of the substance he or she must enter a substance abuse program that deals with the reasons and the surrounding circumstances the addiction, without this the chances of remaining clean are less.

Individual counseling is tailored to address the needs of the individual; counseling may focus on family relationships, employment or previous bouts of addiction.

Comprehensive substance abuse treatment in Birmingham AL is available from the Royal Pines Center. If you have a loved one that suffers from and addiction the professionals at Royal Pines Center can help.