Top Microcontroller Project Ideas

Electronics and Electrical

A PIC microcontroller is a group of electronic circuits that have the ability to be programmed so that they are able to carry out a number of different tasks. PIC stands for “Programmable Intelligent Computer.” These are typically used by experimenters and hobbyists in the fields of robotics and electronics. They are low in cost, easy to program, and come equipped with several different tools for development. You can also find a great deal of information on the internet. There are a number of different microcontroller project ideas available for you to choose from.

PIC PWM Calculator

This is a very common project that involves creating a calculator that performs a variety of different mathematical operations by utilizing the PIC controller. In order for this type of project to be designed you would need to use a key pad that comes with an LCD display. There will be an input that is provided by the specific keypad and will then appear on the LCD screen.

PIC Library Management System

This is a very specific project that requires you to use a PIC controller with a library system in order to help manage it. It works quite a bit differently than a library management system of standard conventions.  Every person who uses these library services will be given an identification card so that individualized digital data can be stored within it. If it has a PIC controller inside of it, it is then able to read the personal digital data that is inside of it.

Emergency Vehicle Flashers

This is a project that is specifically designed to create flash lights for emergency vehicles that also use a micro controller using a PIC. This can be used as a warning device that can flash a signal when the emergency unit is on the go so that everyone can be fully alerted. This works the most effectively when there are bad areas of weather surrounding the emergency vehicles.

Specialized Gas Sensors

These gas sensors are used for a project related to gas protectors and is used to prevent any gas leakages. This detection task is specifically controlled by a PIC controller and can sense any loss of gas and prevent damage to the area. It has the ability to alert others in the area by sounding a loud alarm and flashing an LED light. These are all fantastic projects that help make your lives easier.

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