Get Back In Shape: 6 Basic Facts About Velashape


If you’re tired of trying everything and still can’t get those that clingy cellulite to leave you—and your thighs—alone, then it might be time to explore body weight loss treatments. That’s where services like the VelaShape services in NYC offered by centers like Manhattan Laser Spa come in. No worries if you haven’t heard much about the treatment. Here’s High Fashion Magazine to give you a rundown.

VelaShape: Definition

It’s an FDA-approved procedure used to reduce the amount of cellulite in certain areas of the body, as well as to reduce the size of your abdomen and thighs to result in slimmer, pleasant-looking legs. If you’ve got stubborn fat in your thighs you can’t seem to throw off no matter how much you shake it like Shakira or move it like Queen Bey, this treatment might be the answer.


A lot of clients love VelaShape for three main reasons: it’s non-invasive, comfortable, and ideal for targeting problem areas. So if you’re afraid to go under the knife or detest the long recovery time that comes after a surgical procedure, then this is ideal. It’s also comfortable which is a major plus, with a lot of beauty treatments out there being painful—hello, there hair waxing salons—and best of all, it targets problem areas that have been notoriously resistant to your weight loss efforts.

Ideal Spots

While you can certainly use it on any spot you want on your body, it’s best used for slimming down your buttocks and thighs. Treatment is also often administered to the abdominal area because of fat deposits in the area. Some clients also prefer the treatment on their upper arms. Combined, these treatments result in a balanced loss of weight.


You don’t have to have cellulite deposits in your body to opt for this treatment. Anyone interested in undergoing a body contouring procedure to eliminate unwanted niche areas can undergo this procedure.


The treatment lasts for about 20-30 minutes for every area the size of an 8 ½” x 11” paper. So if there’s plenty of area to cover, then you can expect the treatment to take longer. To maintain your cellulite-free frame, it’s best to get one to two maintenance treatments every four to six months. This will help keep you in great shape.


Expect some minor bruising. As with any technology that uses energy to generate heat, burns might happen. However, you can prevent that by going to reliable spas where trained and knowledgeable staff administers the treatment.

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