Top 5 Supply Chain Management Software Benefits

Supply Chain Management

Those who work in wholesale distribution are sometimes caught in a love-hate relationship with their automated distribution system. It either works great or you’re looking for supply chain management software that works more efficiently. An automated system can be integrated with your present application and can provide a number of benefits. Here are five.

Versatile Integration Options

Wholesale distributors can benefit from connecting office productivity software solutions with current ERP infrastructures. It can mean streamlining operations much more efficiently.

Better Visibility and Forecasting

Supply chain management software can let retailers know where products are along the supply chain. This prevents making an order for a product not yet in stock. It can also improve customer relations by letting them know when a shipment is being held or when it will be available.

Improved Stock Management

Being able to create a seamless process from pre-production to delivery is a great improvement. You can set up numerous ship-to addresses, provide discounts associated with various campaigns, work with sale prices and improve estimated delivery dates for customers.

Accuracy in Reporting

Supply chain management software can provide more accurate reporting. This is partially due to improved visibility that helps with decision making. Software applications allow you to compile data to provide timely, accurate reports for internal and external sources.

Automated Tasks and Workflow

Automatically schedule various tasks and workflows to improve efficiency. Automate key tasks like purchChainase order approval or purchasing decisions. This lets you grow your business without the additional hassles.

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