Tooth Restoration Options after a Root Canal in Baltimore City


Restoring a tooth after it has been treated for damaging tooth decay will not only make it appear natural, but it will strengthen it as well. While some teeth may only need minor restoration by applying white fillings or covering them with veneers, others may need a crown to cover the tooth to prevent breakage after some dental treatments. Teeth can be fragile after undergoing major treatments, so it’s important to strengthen them so they can last the rest of your life.

Restoration after Root Canals

One of the most common reasons a tooth needs to be rebuilt is due to a root canal in Baltimore City. Root canals are done to treat teeth which have been damaged or severely affected by tooth decay. During treatment, an endodontist removes the damaged area of the tooth, the pulp, flushes out the decay and then repacks it.

If the tooth isn’t restored after a root canal, chewing on it can wear down the rest of the tooth and cause it to break. Then, the tooth may not be salvageable and may need to be removed. By rebuilding the tooth with a post and crown, however, it is protected and can last the rest of your life with help from your dentist.

No-Crown Restoration

Sometimes teeth which have been treated by having a Baltimore City root canal do not need crowns. Front teeth do not have the same stress applied to them as teeth used for chewing, so they are less likely to break with use. After a root canal has been done, your dentist can apply a white filling to the area so it looks like your natural tooth. For most front teeth, this should be the only restoration technique that needs to be done, but restoration options will usually be discussed prior to the procedure.