Gift Giving At A Wedding: Presents To Bring Happiness


Many people give the bride and groom a wide variety of presents for their wedding. The etiquette around wedding gifts is well known. Some couples may seem overly entitled, but the goal of these gifts is not to pay for the wedding. Thoughtful gifts that enhance the couples married life will be treasured for years to come. A great wedding present is going to take thought and care, which shows your happiness for the bride and groom.

Household Items

Housewares have been a go to for gifts for a long time. The goal was to help the newly married couple start their lives together. This was based when a couple would be moving out on their own after their marriage, and would require all basic household necessities. Times have changed, and many couples are already set up on their own by the time they get married. This means that household items are already purchased and no longer needed. You can still get them meaningful household items, but it will take a little more thought than just getting them a gravy boat.

Personalized Items

Mementos of their special day are a great way to give a very personal gift. Something that commemorates their special relationship will be treasured by the couple. A possible gift idea is décor that is personalized with the couples name and wedding date. Wood signs may fit the couple’s style, but just make sure you keep what they like in mind. A great gift is something that suits them, not you.

Money and Gift Cards

Some people frown on getting money or gift cards as a wedding gift. They can be impersonal and thoughtless. However, if you are stuck on what to get, it is an option. If you do not know the bride and groom well, or know that they are currently struggling for cash, this can be a gift that is really appreciated. Better an easy gift, than a gift that they do not use or want.

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