Tips to Keep Your Windows in Great Shape

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Your windows are an important source of light and protection for your home, and it’s important that they stay in the best condition. As summer starts to wind down, the approaching fall season is the best time to give your windows the maintenance they’ve been needing. Following these 5 tips will help keep your windows in great shape.

1. Clean Your Windows Regularly

The most important tip is to keep your windows clean. Not only will this improve your curb appeal, but it will improve the condition of your windows as well. Cleaning your windows by yourself is a big task, and it’s a good idea to hire a company to do it for you. Look for window cleaning in Nassau County, and hire professionals to clean your windows the right, safe way.

2. Check for Damaged Windows

Inspect your windows for any cracks or condensation in the glass, or any signs of brittleness or decaying in the window frames. These may seem like small inconveniences, but they could turn into a bigger problem later if not dealt with immediately. Repair or replace any damaged areas of the windows to ensure they are performing correctly.

3. Check for Drafts

Making sure your windows are air tight is important for your energy bill. Drafts can make your heaters or air conditions were twice as hard, skyrocketing the amount you pay for energy. If you find that air is escaping, immediately caulk the inside and outside of your windows.

4. Weatherproof Windows

In addition to checking if you find drafts or gaps in the window, you should also check your weather stripping for any leaks. This, again, can let in unnecessary air and higher your energy bills. Repair or replace any weather stripping that doesn’t appear to be air tight.

5. Inspect Your Locks

Something you may not have thought of, but is extremely important, is to examine the locks on your windows. Over time, the locks can become damaged by weather or consistent usage. Make sure you periodically examine your locks to make sure they are working properly to keep your family safe.

Your windows help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They keep water out of your house, and, more importantly, potential burglars. They are important an important part of your home, and you want to keep them in the best condition. Keeping up with regular maintenance of your windows with these 5 tips will help the work more effectively and last longer. For more information, visit Sparkle Window Cleaning Inc.