Tips On Hiring The Best Moving Company

Commercial Contractors

After you have been settled in your home for years, just the thoughts of finding a good mover to take your possessions to your new home can seem quite daunting. There are a few things that you can do to ensure you end up interviewing the best moving companies in Chicago.

Contact three or four companies: Once you have looked into the companies ask three or four that meet your criteria to give you an estimate. Local movers rarely provide a binding estimate; the prices depend on a great deal on time and distance.

Try to get recommendations: You are certainly not the first person to move, nor will you be the last. Start by asking people you know that have made a recent move for recommendations. Contact the most promising companies and have them come to your home, insist on a written estimate and never accept an estimate that you are given over the phone. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the best moving companies in Chicago are the biggest; this is far from the truth; small, family owned companies have a lot vested in their business and to survive must give superior service.

Don’t hide anything from the estimator: Show the estimator everything that will go, let him or her look n your closets, the basement, garage, etc. By giving the estimator free access to your home, you can avoid getting a shock on moving day. To ensure an accurate price you need to point out anything at your new home that should be taken into account; stairs, distance from the street to the house, elevators, etc.

Once you have developed your short list of the best moving companies in Chicago, compare their prices. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. Beware of very low prices and find out where the extra costs are coming from when reviewing higher priced offers.

When you are looking for the best moving companies in Chicago, visit the Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. should be right on the top of your list. With over 40 years of local services behind them, you can rest assured that Aaron Bros will give you a stress-free moving experience.