Tips on Selecting Quality Diamond Jewelry in Colorado Springs


Buying diamond jewelry in Colorado Springs can be intimidating. Diamonds are an investment, and you should be absolutely sure you’re getting your money’s worth before making a purchase. If you’re confused about how to select quality diamond jewelry, keep reading for some helpful tips on making a wise decision or visit Tri Gem International Diamond Co. for further information and a beautiful selection of diamond pieces.

Remember the Four C’s

The starting point to becoming an informed diamond buyer is a good understanding of the 4 C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. Ideally, you should seek out the best quality you can afford in each of these sectors. The cut of a diamond will have a big impact on its fire and brilliance, so aim for the most precise cut you can find within your budget. A diamond’s clarity refers to the number of blemishes or inclusions it has; try to find diamonds with flaws that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Color is largely a matter of preference, although you should stick to natural diamond colors like white, yellow, blue or red to ensure future value. Carat weight is largely objective, and smaller diamonds are no less valuable per carat than larger diamonds. Buy a size that looks pleasing and that you can afford.

Ask to View the Jewelry Under Different Lights

According to the American Gem Association, you should always ask to see a piece of diamond jewelry you’re considering under a variety of lighting. This will give you the best indication of it’s sparkle and brilliance, and will provide you with helpful clues about how valuable it is. Diamonds that are cut well will sparkle no matter what type of lighting they’re viewed under.

Don’t Forget About Clasps and Settings

Don’t get so hung up on the quality of the diamonds that you forget about the quality of the clasps and settings of the diamond jewelry in Colorado Springs. Clasps on jewelry should open and close easily without sticking. Settings should be tight, and the prongs holding diamonds in place should be even, well-made and secure. Although these issues may seem small, they can prevent unfortunate gem or jewelry loss and can add value to a piece of jewelry in years to come.

Purchasing diamond jewlery should be a fun, exciting experience. To make sure you’re spending wisely, keep the tips above in mind when making your selection.