Facts About Root Canal Treatment


Most people in the New Rochelle, NY area don’t really love going to the dentist. However, sometimes it is necessary. You should be seeing a dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and at that appointment, other issues may be diagnosed and one of the most common procedures that people will need is known as a root canal. If you need a root canal in New Rochelle, NY, you may be interested in getting some information about them.

What is a Root Canal Exactly?

It isn’t unusual for people to be told they need a root canal and they don’t even know what a root canal is. Basically, it is a dental procedure that is used to remove the root, or the pulp within the roots, of the tooth. The pulp is made up of nerves and blood vessels and the area can become infected due to cavities, cracks or other types of trauma. Essentially, when you get a root canal, the infected pulp will be removed, the empty tooth will be filled and a crown will be placed on top to ensure strength.

Myths About Root Canals and the Real Facts

There are a lot of myths surrounding root canals. For instance, one myth is that root canals are painful. This isn’t true. In fact, the procedure itself should be totally painless as you will be given anesthesia. Another common myth about root canals is that they must be done over a series of appointments. Again, this isn’t true. Thanks to advances in dental technology, the procedure can be done more quickly than ever before. You may find that you will still need to go to a few appointments but all of this will depend on the severity of the situation, the extent of the pain and other factors.

You may also have heard that you have to be experiencing pain in order to have a root canal. Again, this is not true. There are actually a few different diagnostic procedures that will be done in order to determine you need for a root canal including percussion testing and even the use of a root vitality machine.

For more information on getting a root canal in New Rochelle, NY, it will be in your best interest to reach out to a trusted dentist.

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