Tips on Cleaning 6-String Bass Strings in Wilmington, NC

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Soaking 6-string bass strings in Wilmington, NC in denatured alcohol is by far the most effective means of cleaning them. You will be astounded at how well this method of cleaning your bass strings performs. A methylated spirit is a term used to describe denatured alcohol in some regions of the world.

Don’t Substitute Anything for Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol, often known as methylated spirits, contains no water. You never want to put water on your bass strings, no matter what somebody might have told you. Some strings may become rusted as a result of this.

Rubbing alcohol purchased from a drugstore contains a small amount of water. As a result, rubbing alcohol should not be used as a substitute when cleaning your strings. It’s as simple as purchasing denatured alcohol from your neighborhood hardware or home improvement store. It’s typically found in the painting area located near the paint thinner.

How to Clean Bass Strings with Denatured Alcohol

Simply soak your 6-string bass strings in Wilmington, NC in denatured alcohol for at least 12 hours, but you can go up to 24 hours. After soaking, simply wipe them off and your strings will be as good as new. You are free to clean them as often as you want. Each time, they look and feel brand-new. When playing fretless bass, you can utilize the same set of bass strings for an indefinite period with regular cleaning.