Steps In A Predominant Use Study In Indiana

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There are different steps companies offering a predominant use study in Indiana can use to complete the process. In most cases, the steps are the same general processes, but some companies add services and features that make them a better match before, during, and after the study is complete.

Hiring an experienced company to complete a predominant use study in Indiana is a critical consideration. The company should be familiar with the state laws and requirements and have professionals in place to provide engineering and legal support throughout the process.

A Review

Look for companies offering a predominant use study in Indiana that provide an initial review and feasibility analysis before moving forward with the study. This is typically an analysis of past utility invoices to determine a range of savings in utility sales tax that the business can expect after the study is completed. This information helps businesses determine if a full study is feasible.

Completing the Predominant Use Study

The full predominant use study is done on-site and at each location. In addition, each utility meter is assessed individually, tracing the qualifying use by application and device. The study is then completed using the data and averaging over the past 12 months.

Filing for the Refund and Approval

The company should complete all the necessary paperwork to file for the refund for the sales tax to the state. These reports must be completed to exact specifications, with the state requesting additional information if required.

Upon approval by the state, the refund is provided, and an exemption certificate is filed with the utility for future sales tax reduction.

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