Tips for Maintaining Commercial Ice Machine in Maple Grove MN

Heating and Cooling

There are a number of preventive measures that you can take to ensure you get the best out of your unit. Repairs for a commercial ice machine in Maple Grove MN can be expensive, so you want to leave this for only when it is absolutely necessary. Cleaning is a big part of maintenance here, and will help you get optimum use from your machine, and potentially save tons of money on maintenance. It is important to take the necessary precautions during cleaning to avoid damaging the machine. Although this is simple a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, you may want to leave it to a professional if you are not feeling confident about your abilities.

Cleaning the ice making plate is necessary to ensure your machine is always in good working order. Build up of minerals on the plate results in wastage, as some of the ice will melt on account of not being released timely into the bin. When the problem persists and gets more serious, the machine may stop working all together. Cleaning the ice making plate is relatively easy. It requires running a food grade cleaner through the circuit. This should easily clean out any minerals or other debris that may damage the machine. It is important to note that you need to use the right kind of cleaner to avoid damaging the unit. This should either be made or recommended by the manufacturer.

Another important maintenance task is cleaning the condenser coils. These are fragile as compared to regular refrigerators, so additional care should be taken during cleaning. Dirty coils reduce ice production as well as give the compressor a shorter lifespan. With time, the machine may stop working entirely specifically if the safety cuts off; which is a mechanism design to prevent additional damage to the machine. These coils can either be brushed or vacuumed using compressed air or CO2.

Regular cleaning is necessary to extend the life span of your machine, and avoid constant and expensive repair of your commercial ice machine in Maple Grove MN. Sometimes you will require professional help with either maintenance or repair, or even getting a new ice machine all together. In this case, you need to call in the experts at Twin City Mechanical. You can also visit website to learn more about the services that they offer.