Helpful Information on Going Through a Divorce in Colorado Springs


Divorces are rarely easy to go through, even under the best of circumstances. Most people do not agree to marriage, believing they will one day part in divorce. A divorce is much more than just the end of a relationship. There are often custody, visitation, property, debt, spousal support and other issues that must be faced. All of this can be emotionally overwhelming for anybody to go through. To get through your divorce and have the process go as smoothly as possible, it is advised you hire a lawyer for your Divorce Colorado Springs.

What Happens During a Divorce Colorado Springs?

When your divorce process first begins, you will need to sit down with your lawyer and make some tough decisions. You will need to decide on what grounds you will be filing for divorce. While all states have fault grounds, such as abuse and adultery, some states allow for no-fault reasons. A fault reason must be proven in court. You cannot simply base your grounds on your beliefs or feelings. You must have actual proof you can share in court. If you prefer, a no-fault ground can be entered in some states and you are not required to bring any proof for the reason.

It is important to note, whatever reason you choose for your ground, this will be shared with your spouse. He or she will have the opportunity to respond and even contest the divorce. If your spouse chooses to contest the divorce, this could make the process longer and more difficult. Once a response has been received, the court hearing will take place, allowing both parties to present evidence and discuss issues, like custody, spousal support and other issues surrounding the end of the marriage. Typically, one family judge will make the decision on all of these issues, so families do not have to go through multiple court dates and judges.

If you are going through a divorce, Contact David M. Koppa. He and his legal team can help you through every aspect of your divorce, so you are less stressed during the process. This will help the process to be easier for you, so you can focus on getting on with your life.