Tips for When to Have Signs Added to Your Parking Lot


For every business, small and large, the parking lot is an area of great importance. There are many things that can be done to improve both the functionality and appearance of parking spaces and driveways. Aside from more obvious things, like having the asphalt refreshed and sealed, or lines repainted, proper signage can improve the traffic flow and efficiency of your parking lot. Every state and county may have unique laws or codes regarding what types of signs are allowed or required, so any business owner or project manager should first check with their local Department of Transportation, before having any signage installed.

Types of Signs and Which to Use

Signs can include “STOP” signs, directional arrow signs, speed limit signs, and other informational/directional signs that can be used to guide and direct traffic. If you are not sure what sort of signs may be beneficial, it is advisable to take steps to monitor how the traffic flows in your parking lot, as well as ask customers and workers for input. The following examples are some of the most common sign problem/solutions.

Problem One: There is an issue with people cutting off others, as well as traffic backing up where the ends of parking rows and driveways meet.

Solution: Installing stop signs at the ends of the rows can help ensure that traffic flows more smoothly. You can also be sure that directional arrows on the ground are clearly painted to indicate which way traffic should be moving through the rows of parking spaces. Other options to help reinforce the sense of direction is to use “Wrong Way” signs to inform drivers when they traverse a row in the wrong direction.

Problem Two: Cars speeding through the parking lot at unsafe speeds and not yielding to pedestrian traffic near the entrance/exit of the building, or other areas prone to foot traffic.

Solution: It is not uncommon for many businesses to have speed limits established for their parking lots. So long as it is done in accordance with local D.O.T. sign installation protocols, you can have speed limit and warning signs installed to help discourage unsafe speeds. You can also have pedestrian crossing signs installed to further ensure drivers are aware of the need to be careful and to yield to people walking in the parking lot.

When traffic jams and unsafe drivers are causing issues in your parking lot, you can contact AAA Striping and Sealing for all your sign installation needs.