Things You’ll Master In Cosmetology School In Boston That May Surprise You


While cosmetology school in Boston is about learning how to apply makeup, doing nails and cutting/styling hair, you’ll learn much more. Most people don’t realize just how much they will learn and think it is only about the hair and beauty side of things. However, you’ll learn business skills, chemistry, anatomy and communication skills, all which will help you in your career.

Business Skills

In most cases, cosmetologists must build their own clientele. This means you will need to market yourself correctly in order to attract new customers. While some companies frown upon this, most want you to get yourself out there and get new clients, which help you and them. However, schools will teach you how to do this and will also help with sales skills, as many salons require you to sell their products.


While anatomy is a requirement in the medical field, it is also required by beauticians and cosmetologists. While the anatomy you’ll learn is more about the hair, skin and nails, you will still be learning a lot that most people don’t know. These parts of the body aren’t simple to learn and are very complex. Because you will come into contact with these areas frequently throughout your work day, it’s important to know about them and spot potential problems, such as rashes or infections. This allows you to stay healthy and help others.

Communication Skills

While it’s important to get the clients to sit in your chair, it’s also important to chat with them and make them feel comfortable. Your job is more than just cutting hair, providing highlights or doing nails. It is also about communicating effectively to make your clients happy. This is what brings them back time and again, as well as you doing a good job. This means learning to tell the customer what will be best for them, listening to them and doing what they want.


Cosmetologists must understand how chemicals react to skin and hair, and must be able to mix them properly so that the effect is right. Otherwise, you could cause damage to your client’s scalp, hair or nails. Hair relaxers, color, shampoos, conditioners, perms and other products all have chemicals in them, so it’s important to understand their function, abilities and reactions to others.

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