Tips For Using A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Machining Manufacturer

The use of a CNC plasma cutting machine will improve several aspects of any job. The cuts will be more precise, so there will be less waste, which in turn eliminates many cost overruns on projects that can be a very real problem.

In addition, this equipment is able to provide cutting precision with speed, which means not only better quality of cutting, but better throughput for the shop. Needless to say, these two factors together can also very quickly impact the bottom line of the business in a positive way.

However, even with the best CNC plasma cutting machine on the market, mistakes can be made that can decrease productivity, efficiency, and quality of the cutting process. By avoiding these simple but common issues, creating quality parts and components out of metal sheet will be an easier task.

Don’t Overuse Consumables

When consumables are reaching the end of their life cycle, cut quality can decrease dramatically. This is not an issue with the CNC plasma cutting machine, but rather an issue with the operator not recognizing the problem and simply changing out the spend consumables. Trying to get a few more cuts will more than likely result in lower quality as well as increased risk of waste.

Not Using the Correct Gas and Coolant Pressure and Flow

It should become a routine that all operators check the gas pressure and the flow of coolant through the system before cutting begins. This will prevent issues with overheating of parts, problems with ignition problems for the torch as well as difficulty with a continual, controlled cutting arc.

It will also be essential to perform cleaning and maintenance on the torch and the system as needed. This will be outlined by the manufacturer and will be based on the hours of use and the type of cutting required of the CNC plasma machine.