Tips for Stress-free New Baby Vaccinations in North Charleston, SC


A children’s first doctor’s visit is a special time for parents, but it’s also a stressful time. New baby vaccinations for North Charleston, SC, infants are an important part of keeping babies well. Yet, many parents have reasonable concerns. Here’s a guide to making a baby’s first vaccinations go smoothly.

Do the Research

Spend some time reviewing vaccine information. The most up-to-date information is available on the Centers for Disease Control’s website. The website has a parent’s section with valuable information to help new parents make the best choices for their infants.

Distract Baby

Use a toy or sing to the baby to distract them from the shot. Many mothers find that breastfeeding their child while the shot is administered is not only a wonderful distraction for the baby but a calming method too.

Ask for Pain-relief Ointment

Parents don’t want to put their new baby to feel unnecessary pain. Some pediatricians use pain-relief ointment or a numbing spray to lessen the pain from the ejection.

Give Them Something Sweet

A sweet sucrose solution is very helpful when it comes to reducing pain from shots. The sweet solution should be given to the baby by mouth one or two minutes before the shot. This is a solution that works best with children under the age of two.

Swaddle After the Shot

After receiving the vaccination, swaddle or cuddle the baby. Being in a parent’s arms is soothing and makes baby’s feel safe. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the arm or leg or other areas where the shot was administered.

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