Tips for Selecting Emergency Vehicle Sirens


When you are thinking about purchasing emergency vehicle sirens you may believe that you can choose based on your personal preference, or something that your agency has utilized in the past. But, it is also important to think about other factors, as well, such as legality, safety and a number of other considerations prior to making your decision. The advantages offered by sirens are known to most emergency responders: they let others know you are there and war them that you will be driving through. They will also provide an alert that something is going on ahead and that drivers need to be cautious. Some elements that you need to consider prior to buying an emergency vehicle siren are found here.

Updated and Modern Versions
Choosing a modern option is essential to ensure that others are warned and safe. Pneumatic and mechanical siren options are considered outdated; there are quite a few new technologies and functions that are present to provide peace of mind when you are traveling at higher than normal speeds around other drivers.

Some modern devices that are used include oscillators, amplifiers and modulators. These offer a traditional sound, as well as additional tones such as Hi-Lo, air horn, wail and yelp. These are tones that are becoming more popular and more attention –grabbing than the older ones.

Legality and Safety
When selecting a siren for your emergency vehicle, it is essential to think about what is allowed in your city and any neighboring area. In some cases, police cruisers, fire trucks and ambulances will use various sounds to provide a warning for others of different emergency types. There are some governments that have regulations in regard to both sirens and lighting, which is why it is crucial to find out what, is acceptable ahead of making a purchase.

Additional Considerations
Additional considerations to make when choosing sirens for your vehicle includes factors such as durability, loudness, accessories, installation and speakers that are used by the siren system. It is important to remember that not all speakers will work with all siren types, so you need to run compatibility tests if you choose to purchase a new siren and new speakers.

It is also important to select a siren that is considered durable and that is able to be used in inclement weather. Also, be sure that all the necessary accessories are selected so that the sirens are able to be installed correctly.

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