The Different Ways to Apply Floor Polishing for Concrete

Construction and Maintenance

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, the idea of polishing concrete probably sounds a little bit silly. Why would you ever need concrete to be that smooth? Polished concrete has lots of uses, both in the home and in commercial settings. Some great examples are indoor basketball courts, warehouses and garages. It even has potential to be used in creative projects, like making a polished concrete desktop. What are the benefits of concrete floor polishing though? Why not leave it unpolished? Well to start, it will extend the life of the concrete, reduce dust build up, increase lighting and demand less maintenance from the owners. There are different levels of concrete floor polishing, from dull to highly polished to something in-between.

The Types of Common Services for Concrete

There are three different types of common services rendered other than concrete floor polishing. The best known would be concrete repair. This is done to mend broken pieces, deep scratches, and unsightly chips. How much this costs depends on how much work has to be done. Honing would be the next thing that is performed, which is the removal of natural wear and tear and etching. This is done until the desired level of shininess is reached. The next is densification, which is the chemical process of making concrete harder and less permeable to elements.

The Process Starts with the Client

In many ways, the success of a business depends on the people they serve. That’s why we make customer satisfaction and quality service our top priorities. All of our projects involve a free on-site inspection and evaluation of your stone surfaces. We tell you what’s wrong with your floors or surfaces and what work we’d need to do to restore them to their original glory — or better. We’re happy to communicate with you through a phone call, an email or even an in-office visit.

The Steps of Concrete Floor Polishing

The first step is to ascertain the condition of the concrete. Then we have to prepare the surface by removing sealer and/or coatings. Next we repair and/or fill cracks and blemishes to prepare the floor for grinding and smoothing. Then, we begin the grinding and polishing process, starting with coarse grit and getting finer and finer until the desired sheen is reached. Depending on the concrete and the desired finish, densifier will be applied sometime during the grinding process. Finally, we add a sealant to keep the concrete safe from the elements.

About Concrete Floor Polishing and the Company

Stoneshine is a stone refinishing and restoration company. This stone care and supply company has been in business since the late 80’s. They educate customers on how to properly care for stone surfaces as well as servicing stone themselves. They have the latest equipment and machinery that keeps your home and business clean and free from debris. This company has work experience in many common applications such as marble, limestone, concrete and even exotic types of stone, like terracotta.

If you like the information provided on concrete floor polishing and would like to check out more about it then check out Stoneshine.

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