Tips for How to Parasail in Destin


Parasailing has become quite popular over the last few years, and you can find many people out on the lake parasailing on the weekends during the summer. The Parasail Destin professionals can tell you that you need to know how to parasail or be with someone who is an expert so that you will be safe on your exciting new adventure. There is nothing like being high above the water looking down on the sights below, with the wind blowing in your face. It’s exhilarating and fun to do as well. Here are some tips on how to parasail Destin.

Make sure that you have ground assistants check the parasailing gear before you take off, as it is very important for your gear to be in perfect working order. Just like in any sport, safety comes first. You need to make sure that your gear is in the best condition possible, with no rips, tears, or anything else that could cause a malfunction when you are in the air.

Assistants should hold the ground lines and help you to get to the edge with the parasail as the boat driver slowly accelerates the boat to the right speed. The sail will fill up with air as you take long strides to help the parasail fill up with air. You should not jump or run to try and get off of the ground, the canopy with do that as it fills with air.

No steering should be necessary when you are parasailing, but if it is then use the risers on the sides to change your direction. Again, safety comes first so don’t go playing around with the direction you are going in just for fun.

When you are at your optimum speed and height, pull the safety pin to release and settle gently down in to the water. When you are finished get everything back in the boat and head to the shore to launch again. You can visit Gilligans Watersports for more information on parasailing, the equipment you need, and more to have the best high flying adventure of your life.