Patient Education and Comfort at a Dentist in Overland Park


Going to the dentist in Overland Park is not what it used to be. Many patients are used to discomfort in the dental chair even during routine cleanings. They are used to getting a lecture from the dental hygienist, who can tell if they haven’t been flossing every day. No wonder making a dental appointment is not something many people look forward to. However, more and more dentists now, like Dr. Stephen Huber DDS, are making a special effort to focus on a much more positive experience for their patients.

From a welcoming website to a warm smile and respectful treatment when they come into the office, dentists are now focusing much more on good patient relations. It starts with having a website that is both informative as well as assuring to patients. Dentists are providing educational sections on their websites that answer frequently asked questions, like at what age a child should start seeing the dentist and when to be concerned about tooth sensitivity.

Dentists are providing patients with explanations of common dental procedures and solutions, like implants and ceramic tooth restoration. Patients often feel ill at ease when they don’t know the basic steps involved in dental procedures, and simply finding out what they can expect and what will happen can go a long way in easing their anxiety.

Dental offices are now offering patients beverages and wireless internet access in the waiting area. They are installing television screens on the wall in the treatment area so patients can watch a program in the chair. It can help to alleviate anxiety to listen to a talk program or music instead of listening to the whine of dental instruments, so patients are encouraged to bring in their iPod if they prefer to listen to music. Some dentists offer patients headphones to listen to satellite radio instead. They’re offering patients comfortable neck pillows and warm blankets to keep them comfortable during procedures.

A patient who feels welcomed and comfortable is a patient who will not avoid the dentist office out of fear, which only benefits their overall health. Part of the exam includes a screening for oral cancers, and between teeth cleanings, checkups, and better patient education, patients are able to prevent dental problems that can lead to issues that affect their general health.

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