Tips for Designing a Relaxing Spa in Your Lake Orion Yard

Swimming Pool Contractor

A pool outside your home offers a way for you to have fun in the water on a hot summer day. However, you might want to relax after a long day. By designing a spa near your pool area, you can enjoy relaxing in warm water while also enhancing the exterior appearance of your home.


One of the details to consider when meeting with a company that designs spas in Lake Orion, MI, is the shape that you want. A round spa is one that is among the most common and usually takes up the least amount of space. However, you can get a little create by tying in the shape of your spa with the pool, such as a square design or one that looks like a fun shape to coordinate with your home.

Infinity Details

Take a step beyond a traditional spa design by creating an infinity spa. You can connect the spa to your pool so that one side has a continuous flow of water. You could also design one side so that it appears as though there isn’t a solid side in place, making it look like it cascades into infinity.


Just as you can add lights and details to your pool, you can also add details to your spa that make it stand out. Lights can be installed around the edges of your spa. When talking to companies about spas in Lake Orion, MI, consider glass tiles or a water fountain on one side or in the center of the spa.

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