Tips for Decorating Apartments For College Students in Austin


If you’re moving into your first apartment for college students in Austin, you may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your new apartment’s decor. After all, as a college student, finances may be tight. But this doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to brighten up your space with cost-effective decor! To learn some tips on how to do this, continue reading.

Use Plants to Decorate

Plants can be relatively inexpensive. They can also enhance air quality, so it’s a win-win situation.

Use Tapestries Over Paint and Wallpaper

Not only is designer wallpaper and paint pricy, but most apartments will not allow you to modify your apartment to this degree. Therefore, a cheap alternative you can try is to hang tapestries on your wall. This can brighten up any room and show your unique personality into the space.

Buy Secondhand Furniture

Who said you had to buy a brand-new couch? You can find a decent one for a fraction of the price if it’s pre-used. Make sure to sanitize it properly. Wash the pillows if you can. A spritz of Lysol can also kill any germs left behind.

Finding the Ideal Place to Live

Decorating your own college apartment can be exciting, as this is a great time for you to express yourself and let your creativity run wild. However, the first step in living on your own is finding an apartment to call home. If you’re struggling to find the right apartments for college students in Austin, Lark Austin can be your saving grace. To learn more about the property and its amenities, visit Lark Austin today.