Tips for Conquering Your Fear of the Dentist


If you fear going to the dentist, you are definitely far from alone. More than 75% of the people in this country have some type of fear and 10% of them are downright terrified. There are ways to make your next appointment with a dentist in Utica, NY, easier to face. There is no reason that you need to suffer from painful teeth.

Why All the Fear?

You may have developed your fear as far back as childhood. A single experience with an impatient or overly stern dentist can be traumatic for a child. It could be that you had a painful experience or that you become anxious when you feel like you are not in control. For these reasons and many others, people are apt to repeatedly call and reschedule their appointment or not show up at all. Unfortunately, avoiding receiving proper dental care can lead to infection, tooth loss, and pain. It can also affect your overall health, job prospects, and your confidence.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few tips that may make is easier for you to go to the dentist:

  • To begin with, your dentist isn’t a mind reader. Talk to him or her honestly and openly about your fears and concerns.
  • Consider using a signal to alert the dentist that you need to take a break. In that way you will feel like you have not lost control.
  • Never be afraid of asking questions! Any proper dentist will want you to have all the information you need about a procedure.
  • A little-known fact is that you will be more relaxed if you schedule appointments for the morning. That way you are not already stressed out over what has happened at work, home or school.

If you have been putting off going to the dentist, you need a friendly relaxed practice where you feel safe and comfortable. That is what you get at the offices of Zalatan Dental, where they provide a family atmosphere.