Tips for Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors


While terrazzo floors are not actually marble, when cleaning and caring for them, you will use the same methods. Terrazzo flooring is made out of a combination of marble chips that have been mixed in with concrete. Unfortunately, many people with this material in their home or business don’t clean it properly, leaving it damaged and dull. You can use the tips here to care for your flooring, or call the professionals that offer Highland Park marble & natural stone polishing services.

Never Use Vinegar

There are some who turn to vinegar for cleaning floors because it is non-toxic and all-natural. While this is a great cleaner for most surfaces, it should never be used for terrazzo flooring. Vinegar is extremely acidic, which means that it may etch or dull terrazzo surfaces. This type of damage is hard to fix, and will likely require buffing and then refinish the whole floor.

Avoid Abrasives

When it comes to cleaning your terrazzo floor, you don’t need to use any type of abrasive product. Instead, simply use a dry and soft cloth (lint free, of course) to clean away a spill and then you are done. You don’t need to use chemicals, water or anything to scrub with. This is only going to remove the layer of wax that keeps the surface shiny and looking great. A professional Highland Park marble & natural stone polishing services can help you better understand this, too.

When it comes to your terrazzo floor, if you aren’t sure how to care for it, leave it to the professionals. Highland Park marble & natural stone polishing services can ensure the floor looks great and has a long life.

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