Easing the School Transition


Changing schools can be tough on kids. And, while children are extremely resilient, they also tend to thrive when some of the unnecessary transitions are minimized. If you’re looking for ways to help your child thrive educationally and socially, consider enrolling them in a school that they can attend for their entire pre-college education.

There are a few pre-school through 12 schools that ensure your child can complete their entire elementary, middle and secondary education under one roof. Avoiding the awkward transition to middle school, and then another to high school allows your child to focus solely on their studies.

Attending just one school also helps your child thrive socially as well as academically. There’s no worry that your child might have to make an entirely new set of friends when moving to middle school or high school, based on arbitrary district lines, for example. Your child may potentially have the same best friends as a senior in high school as when he or she was a first grader.

Before choosing a single school, or any other school for your child, it’s critical to ensure that school offers academic excellence and plenty of extracurricular activities. Remember that if your child is not changing schools when moving to middle school and high school, the single school option must encompass all the programs they will need at every grade level. Spend time visiting and evaluating any potential school.

Choosing a single school option can be a great way to help ensure your child has every possible social and academic advantage all the way through high school. It eliminates any anxiety associated with moving to a new school that might get in the way of your child’s ability to perform their very best. Talk with single school options as well as Murphy middle school before enrolling your child.