Tips for Choosing New Exterior Doors in Hialeah FL

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Home Improvement

Choosing the perfect material for a new front or back doors can be an exciting yet overwhelming time for homeowners. With so many styles and options to choose from, it can be challenging to know what to choose for the home’s exteriors doors in Hialeah FL.


Materials used for exterior doors may be narrowed down to four main categories: wood, steel, glass, and fiberglass.

  • Wood. Wooden exterior doors are a popular choice amongst homeowners. This is due to the fact that the doors can be customized to the homeowner’s needs or wants. Wooden doors are easy to personalize with decorative designs and colors.
  • Steel. Steel doors are a material that many homeowners choose for safety reasons. Steel Exterior Doors in Hialeah FL are extremely resilient against weather elements and make it much harder for intruders to destroy. Steel doors also are good for keeping cooling winds from entering into the home.
  • Glass. Glass exterior doors provide great views and allow for natural light to enter into the home. They also pair well with doors made of other materials.
  • Fiberglass. For a homeowner who wants the look of a wooden door but more durability, a fiberglass door is a good option. Fiberglass doors can be stained in various colors to give the same beauty of traditional wood. The doors come with an insulated core, which offers additional protection from the outside elements.

Selecting an Exterior Door

Once the material has been chosen for the new door, it is important to keep these few shopping tips in mind:

  • Be sure that all of the components associated with the door are from the same manufacturer. Verify that all weatherstripping seals properly and that the threshold interlocks with the door’s bottom edge.
  • If a door has a window, it is important to find a door with low-E glazing. Many manufacturers offer a glazing material that resists break-ins.
  • Steel and fiberglass doors must have a thermal break. The thermal break is often a vinyl strip or part of the wood frame. This break separates the inside and outside door skins. It is important to verify that the break is present in order to ensure outside cold and heat from being conducted through the skin and door frame.

Choosing the right exterior door will require less maintenance and save the homeowner from high energy bills. For more tips on choosing the best door, visit the Nachon Lumber & Hardware.

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