Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Car Batteries

Electronics and Electrical

When it comes to automotive care and maintenance, chances are good that you know you need regular oil changes and tire rotations. You’re familiar with the need to check your brake pads regularly and resurface your rotors. There are plenty of things that you make sure to do to ensure that your car lasts as long as possible and costs you less. However, chances are good that you aren’t that familiar with the care and maintenance of car batteries.

Regular Cleaning

One of the most important tips here is to ensure that you clean the posts and terminal connectors on your battery regularly. To do a thorough job, you’ll need to remove the clamps from the posts and then brush away the corrosion and build up using a special battery cleaning brush. Make sure that you have a jump box or spare battery when you do this, though, as disconnecting your battery may cause problems. For instance, Hondas are famous for their use of radio codes, and disconnecting the battery means having to input the code to get the radio working again.

Insulate Your Battery

Keeping car batteries protected from cold weather will help get the most use out of them. The best option is to park in an insulated garage (but not heated). The second-best option is to insulate your car battery. You can do this easily with an aftermarket insulation kit that fits around the battery and helps protect it from temperature extremes.

Add Water

If your battery is not of the maintenance-free variety, you can add distilled water to it. On the top of the battery are removable caps. Prying these off will show you how low the water level is. Simply top off with distilled water (don’t use tap water – only distilled).

Check the Charge

You should regularly check the charge on car batteries. You can do this on your own with a voltmeter, but it’s better to let the pros handle it. A simple tester unit can check the battery, starter and alternator, allowing you to avoid other potential problems.

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