Tips for a Speedy Recovery from Podiatric Surgery in Albany, NY


Not every foot surgery is the same, which means your recovery time after podiatric surgery in Albany, NY, is going to vary. There are, however, a few suggestions you can use to ensure a speedy recovery. It’s important to note recovering from foot surgery doesn’t have to take an extremely long time or be painful. Whether your surgery is due to bunions, toenail conditions or ankle problems, there are some suggestions that can help you recover nicely.

Rest Is Key

While this may be obvious, it still bears saying and getting enough rest when you have had podiatric surgery in Albany, NY, is not as easy as you might think. Many patients don’t realize how much they move around in a normal day until they have limited mobility following surgery. Rest is the biggest part of your recovery, and getting enough of it will soon have you up and moving around. Your best bet is to plan ahead so you get enough rest after the surgery is over and the recovery period begins.

Use Ice Packs

After surgery, your foot may tend to swell. Using an ice pack will help bring the swelling down and relieve the pain that comes with it. If you don’t have a foot cooling pad, you can use ice from your freezer. Make sure to put a thin cloth between the ice pack and your foot to prevent frostbite from occurring. Use the ice pack for 20 minutes, then leave it off for 20 minutes for the best results.

Keep It Elevated

Foot or ankle surgery can leave you in pain, and swelling is normal. Keeping your foot elevated above hip level can help to reduce the pain, pressure and swelling.

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