Three Wheels Are Better Than Two


Are you afraid of riding a bike with only two wheels? If stability is an issue, but you don’t want to give up your love of biking, then a three-wheel exercise bike is the answer. This type of exercise bike has recently grown in popularity. It enables you to stay fit while still enjoying the thrill of being able to cycle. A three-wheel bike is often referred to as a trike, as well. No matter what you call it, there are many benefits to using a recumbent bike whether it’s stationary or otherwise.

The Benefits of Riding a 3 Wheel Exercise Bike

The design of a trike allows for a reclined, lower seating position that allows for better body weight distribution. You won’t be resting or sitting on just a few sitting bones, feet and hands. Your entire weight will be spread evenly across your body with the ease of a recumbent seating position that utilizes a rider’s back, bottom, legs and feet.

Set Out on a Fitness Adventure

Being able to use a three-wheeled exercise bike gives you the perfect opportunity to set out on a fitness adventure. It’s more ergonomic, especially when going up an incline. You won’t be able to ‘stand’ out of the saddle to generate force. Instead it’s more ergonomic and keeps your body in better alignment by encouraging you to shift into a lower gear and use your backrest to make it up a hill. This is perfect for people who want to focus on fitness and exercise and is a great benefit! With the proper accessories you can make a three-wheel recumbent bike stationary and use gorgeous bike riding programs to enjoy a workout that is fun and entertaining. Owning your very own trike makes it easier to enjoy fitness and exercise while taking it to a whole new level. For more information visit FlexiSpot.