Tips For Cleaning Your Vinyl Exterior After Siding Installation In Indianapolis

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To update and improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, consider contacting a professional company for Siding Installation in Indianapolis. You can purchase siding in an array of colors and it’s practically maintenance free. To keep your siding looking its best, The experts at Amos Exteriors Inc of Indianapolis will give some tips for cleaning your vinyl siding.

Preparation – Before cleaning your siding, cover any shrubs, plants or bushes that are right up next to your house. A thin plastic sheeting will work great to keep the cleaning solution from damaging your landscaping. If you don’t have a plastic cover, use a water hose to wet down your greenery before you begin. If there are any cracked or broken pieces of siding on your house, replace them before you wash it down to prevent water from getting into the cracks.

Supplies – For an effortless way to clean your siding, you’ll need a water hose and a couple of scrub brushes. A small scrubbing brush works well for the bottom areas, while a scrub brush with a long handle will enable you to clean areas that are harder to reach. Many siding manufacturers frown upon using a pressure washer for cleaning vinyl siding. The high pressure of the machine can damage the vinyl and force the water underneath the siding.

Cleaning Solution – You don’t have to buy an expensive vinyl siding cleaner because bleach, laundry detergent and water will get the job done. Fill a bucket with water, pour in a cup or two of bleach and mix in some liquid detergent until you have plenty of suds. If you prefer, you can purchase vinyl cleaning solutions and some are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Start cleaning at the bottom of your siding and work toward the top, doing small sections at a time. By working from the bottom up, you won’t get streaks running down your siding. After you have Siding Installation in Indianapolis, a once a year cleaning will keep it looking new. If you live down a gravel road and have an excessive amount of dust covering your house, you can clean the siding as often as you need to.

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