Does Your Siding Need Replacing or Repairing?

Siding Contractor

Siding is the cosmetic fascia that you will see on the outer walls of a house or building. However, despite serving a cosmetic purpose it also serves as protection for the underlay and sheetrock that form the other parts of the wall. When a home is completed you will usually notice the plastic covering that adorn the walls around the outside of the house. That plastic is the sealant that protects the sheetrock from the weather elements and it seals off the outer walls from the insulation, creating a waterproof barrier.

Once that stage is completed the owner can then choose the color and material of the sidings-otherwise known as cladding-for the walls. The siding can be made from a large variety of materials, such as vinyl, wood, and aluminum, as well as PVC. Wood siding is usually made from a suitable wood that is anti-rot protected and weather resistant. The owner can then choose whatever color paint they prefer for the outside of their home.

Vinyl siding can be made in a variety of colors and the owner can order the color of their choice when the sidings are purchased. There is also a choice of ways in which the siding can be fixed to the home. For instance, they can be attached vertically or horizontally, as well as in a pattern, for decorative purposes and they can be small shingles laid in the style of Queen Anne to add a little period authenticity.

Repair or Replace your Siding?

The only way you can really decide whether your siding should be replaced is by closely inspecting the entire exterior and deciding on the overall condition. You may find that on three sides of your home the shingles are perfectly find or maybe slightly worn. But the fourth side may be the side that is far more exposed to some seriously harsh weather conditions and may be more worn than the rest of the house. If you find it is in a bad state of repair you will probably need to replace it, and then, of course, consider replacing the entire shingles because of the difference in quality and age. Siding repairs in Columbus OH might consist of filling in small gaps and cracks, rather than a more comprehensive procedure, but it could also involve total replacement.

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