Tips for Caring for your Bright Eyes


Your eyesight is one of your most valuable gifts and many of us take them for granted. If you want to keep your eyes in tip top condition you should be following a good eye care regime that will keep them healthy.

Regular Eye Check Ups

Much like you set up regular dental check ups it is important to do the same for your eyes. People associate seeing the eye doctor with the eyewear St Paul MN people wear but your eyes should be checked whether you wear glasses or not. Your eye doctor will run a series of tests to make sure there aren’t any changes to your vision. This is important for people of all ages. Your eye doctor will check for the following issues:

* Nearsightedness
* Farsightedness
* Astigmatism
* Age-related issues
* Cataracts
* Glaucoma
* Macular degeneration

When to See your Eye Doctor

Your need to see an eye doctor will vary based on a few factors including:

* Family eye history: If you have certain conditions that occur in your family your doctor may suggest you see your eye doctor on a regular, annual or bi-annual basis. Speak to your doctor to find out what they recommend.

* If you wear glasses: If you already have eyewear St Paul MN uses to assist with your vision you should visit your eye doctor annually in case your vision has changed.

* After age forty: After forty you are more prone to conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Every two years is recommended to be safe.

* Changes to your vision: Any time you feel you are experiencing changes to your vision you should visit your eye doctor.

No Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health period. However, smoking can also cause damage to your eyes including increasing your risk for macular degeneration, optic nerve damage and cataracts.

Eye Protection

You need to protect your eyes from the sun as well as when you are undergoing certain types of work. Sunglasses are a must all year long to protect from the harmful rays of the sun. You also need protective eyewear such as goggles when you are working on DIY projects including painting or working with strong products such as paint remover, cleaning products and even caulking and strong adhesives. During sports you should also consider proper eye protection.
Caring for your eyes will keep your eyes in optimum health.