Tips for Buying Gym Wipe Refills

by | May 21, 2014 | Business

Not all gym wipes refills are the same and work as effectively as you may think. Making sure that you only get disinfecting wipes that are approved for use by the EPA is essential. Products that simply use the term “wipe” may not be disinfecting or do anything to protect your employees or fitness center members.

Make sure to look at the technical specifications for the gym wipe refills you are considering. It should list the specific viruses, bacteria and other health risks that are neutralized or killed by the chemicals on the wipes.

Buy in Bulk

Just as with any product, buying in bulk is going to result in a net saving per actual wipe. This is true if you are buying by the box or buying multiple boxes. Large boxes will usually contain 4 rolls and each roll has 800 wipes. Even in a relatively small gym or fitness center these will be used quickly so having lots on hand is important.


If you are buying gym wipes refills and need additional dispensers, it makes sense to buy from the same company. This will ensure that your gym wipes refills will fit all your dispensers, making it easy to grab a refill and put it in the stand or wall mounted unit quickly and easily.

There is also the option to order buckets that contain rolls of disinfecting wipes. This is a great option for a low use area where 800 wipes will last a long time. Since you can close the pop-up tab when not in use, these wipes will stay moist and usable for a very long time.

Finding the right gym wipe refills means that you always have a clean, germ free workout area. Keeping the dispensers fully stocked also means that the habit of using the wipes is never interrupted, ensuring no gaps in sanitation.

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