Facts About Security Guards


Protecting and working for people, security guards are the optimum resource for protecting against theft. Doing a lot of daily jobs such as patrolling around the premises and inspecting it, they also guard against other issues such as fire, break-ins, terrorism and illegal activities. Security guards are usually the ones who are most relied on when it comes to defending their employer’s residence, deterring criminals, and ensuring that the laws are enacted on the home and property. Security guards undergo proper and rigorous security training – the first step towards becoming a security guard.

A Day in the Life of a Security Guard

Utilising various means of communication technology such as the radio and telephone, security guards pass their shifts being ready to put out the call for assistance in the case of things such as a fire or medical emergency. Any event that happens during each work shift is written down in a logbook or in an extensive document highlighting their comments about the situations which occurred during their shift. In some cases, security guards may even be required in interviewing witnesses or testifying in a courtroom.

Although the profession may be outlined in basic terms, the location and scope of the organization plays a part in deciding what responsibilities are designated to a security guard and what they are expected to do daily. This array of duties is typically brought up during security guard training. A lot of shopping centers and cinemas are now opting to employ protection teams to monitor amenities such as the parking lots, as well as providing customers with protection from theft. In the case of a department store, security guards may assist in arresting shoplifters and guarding the cash register.

The other most common type of security guards are those that are entrusted with protecting properties. These security guards are usually required to monitor CCTV cameras, or patrol the property’s grounds throughout the night. Security guards at these places are required to know all of the most frequent guests to the property whilst detaining those illegal violators who do not belong in that place. Just like these security guards, those who work in a medical center or court are habitually expected to inspect inbound people in order to prevent criminals from entering.

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