Tips on Avoiding Household Appliance Repair in Newton MA

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Home Improvement

One of the most common things in any home is appliances, which seem to have a mind of their own sometimes. Many homeowners never give their appliances a second thought until they break down and they either have to repair them or buy a new one. Instead of waiting until there is a problem with an appliance, you should be proactive and take steps in order to make the appliances last longer and have fewer problems. Repairing and replacing an appliance can be quite expensive so anything you can do to reduce the wear and tear on your major appliances. Here are a few tips on maintenance that can be done to reduce the amount of Household Appliance Repair in Newton MA.

Clean Compressor Coils

One of the most common problems with refrigerators is ineffective cooling or ice developing around doors and vents. Usually these repairs will require a professional to fix them and get your refrigerator back in good working order. One of the easiest ways to keep your refrigerator running great is to clean the coils under the refrigerator because over time these coils will become covered in dust and other debris that cause them not to work effectively. Dirty coils cause the refrigerator to overwork, which is what usually leads to breakdowns and replacement of the unit.

Avoid Overloading Your Washer and Dryer

Another way to keep your appliances in good working order is by not overloading your washer and dryer when washing clothes. In most cases, people want to get done with their laundry in a hurry which is why they overload both washer and dryer. The excess weight of to many clothes causes the parts in both of the appliances to wear out much faster, which will lead to expensive repairs and possibly a complete replacement of one or both appliances.

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