Add Dimension to your Trade Booth with Custom Exhibit Displays


If you pay to participate in trade shows across the country or even globally then you know it takes pizzazz to get noticed. If you are finding your booth is looking a little flat and you are getting lost in the crowd you might want to consider adding some custom exhibit displays to your boring unit. Here are a few ideas to add more dimension to your basic trade booth.

Store Front

If you are selling to retailers consider setting your booth up like a store front or shop so that clients can see what their customers might see. Getting high quality display units and shelving for your booth will allow clients to see things in real time so to speak and get a feel for how good your product would look in their own shop. When trying to sell a line of clothing, mobile phone accessories, jewellery or electronics there are many ways you can entice people with custom exhibit displays with a store front feel. Look for high end etageres, glass and metal fixtures or go for a more natural look using wood and glass combinations.


No doubt it is the guy with the big screen displays and killer speakers who is drawing all of the attention. You might be surprised how affordable it is to incorporate some electronic features into your custom exhibit displays. You can really draw in a larger crowd if you look for more engaging ways to attract attention. Electronics also allow you to speak to more people with less staff manning the booth.


You can also set an entirely different tone and prepare a booth where people will have a place to sit and chat, have a cup of coffee and discuss your wares. This can be most welcome to people with aching feet and pounding head aches. Creating a sanctuary from the fast pace of the trade show can be just as effective as being the obnoxious guy on the corner or centre stage with all of the loud, flashy equipment.

Get Away from the Box

The boxy booth can also be made more exciting using curves, pyramids and other shapes to make your booth go from flat to dimensional with a few easy adjustments. Again it will draw people in, while making your booth stand out.