When is it Time to Hire a Tax Attorney?

by | May 29, 2014 | Attorney

In a world filled with accountants, bookkeepers, enrolled agents, tax preparers and CPAs it can be extremely difficult to understand when it is time to hire IRS Tax Attorneys in Atlanta. After all, you are not simply hiring the lawyer to prepare your tax return, which may leave you wondering when their services are actually required.

Tax Disputes with the IRS

If you are facing any type of dispute with the Internal Revenue Service, IRS, it is crucial that you hire an experienced tax attorney. The majority of tax disputes will arise due to an audit of one, or even several, of your previous tax returns. The IRS will notify you of the audit, which is when you should request the services of a tax attorney.

When you hire this attorney, they will communicate on your behalf with the IRS, be present during the actual audit and also help to negotiate a settlement if it is necessary. Additionally, when you hire the services of experienced legal counsel, they will help to ensure that you do not end up overpaying.

There are some situations where a tax payer has ignored repeated warnings or letters from the IRS due to fear or simply not knowing how to respond. In these situations, the only resort for the IRS is to threaten the individual with criminal charges due to tax evasion. If you find out that you are under investigation by the IRS for criminal activity, you will want to hire a tax lawyer right away.

When you hire a IRS tax lawyer, they will work to reassure the IRS that you are taking the investigation seriously, work hand-in-hand with the IRS to help you avoid criminal charges and provide you with representation in court if you end up being charged with a tax crime.

Help With Complex Tax Issues

The help of a tax lawyer can also be invaluable in situations where you are facing complicated, legally implicated tax situations. This can include a number of situations, such as: the structure of a new company; for estate executors; challenges against the IRS for audits, appeals or tax decisions; or if you want to sue the IRS.

Additionally, tax lawyers can provide you sound advice in regards to your tax situation, saving you time, money and frustration.

The services of IRS Tax Attorneys Atlanta such as Jeffery L. Cohen will provide assistance with any tax issue that you are currently facing.

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