Hiring A Copyright Infringement Lawyer After A Violation

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A copyright infringement occurs when anyone utilizes any item that is protected under a copyright registration. This includes books, music, song lyrics, and more. An infringement includes the transfer of materials to a different medium without explicit permission from the registered owner. This does include downloading copies of music, movies, and books without a license or after a lawful purchase. If you have become the victim of these occurrences, you should contact a Copyright Infringement Lawyer.

How a Copyright is Protected

Once an artist, writer, or other owner registers a copyright through the U.S. Copyright Office, it is protected from any form of infringement. This implies that no one can reproduce the contents of the document, film, or music that is legally licensed and registered to the owner. Piracy of music and movies is a form of infringement and is just as unlawful and stealing these items from a retail store. Government agencies have initiated a zero tolerance policy for violators of copyright laws in terms of piracy. These infringements of the owner’s rights will not only lead to litigation by the owner. These agencies can also impose criminal laws against the offenders. The maximum fine for the discovery of infringed or pirated materials is $250,000 per item stolen. However, these laws are imposed primarily against any individual who distributes the materials illegally or utilizes them in public venues to generate profits without a license. Although if a private offender has utilized the materials in other unlawful ways, the court can impose penalties against him or her. If your rights have been violated you should contact a Copyright Infringement Lawyer.

Any attorney can file for an injunction that orders to seizure of the materials for destruction. It also allows him or her to seek criminal penalties against the offender. The attorney will file a class action lawsuit against these offender to reclaim any profits he or she has gained during the theft and distribution of the pirated materials. The owner can also seek monetary damages for the violation itself.

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